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things I should be doing:

Well I have a fic exchange for the Diskworld fan fic group... I have to make Carrot a werewolf or king (or both) since the man dosen't want to be king I doubt I will write that.

I started working on my Fantisy world and I should be writing these things down... so far I have three chericters Lark Larkin the boy who I can't remember his name and one Archimedes Screw each of them will use a different form of Magic. I think Archy will be the most interesting because he dosen't beleve in Magic exactly he beleves in what he can do. He can't get his mind around the fact that he is reordering the univers around himself. he works for the School (that curently has no name) as a teacher of arms and is an acomplished warreor. I still haven't come up with a polt for the young ones, but then again I've started writing them as adults now as well... so maybe the plot is for when they are adults.