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Well the serch for a plot continues. Not that it matters. I have decided that I will go another route for a time. No story. Learn the world first - maybe the world can give me the story. I don't normaly write High Fantisy and since I've always thougt a Fantsiy world should work and have rules that work (for that world) I will settle for that at first. Maybe That will work. Of course it didn't work for Knights of the Realm (but then again that has a plot and I know what will happen if I ever sit down to write it) anyway I havethat world pritty maped out. Well If I do get this world all worked out and still can't find a plot I could always go back to being a Game Master. Be nice to sit at a Table again...

So what do I have so far?

Town full of sheep, migratory sheep shearers and a magic school. But then again I've only looked at say 40 miles of the place....

I can always steel a plot from a song. Thomas the Rhymer is always good for a laugh. But I haven't decided if I want to have other races or just "men" Maybe I should call the world "Dirtworld" "Dirtland"? "Sod"?

Tomorow is the last day before vacation!