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fan fic

OK I actulay started the diskworld fan fiction that has been bouncing around in my head.  I don't know if I'll go anyfarther with it, for any number of reasons... mostly lazyness.  I guess it's AU to diskworld as Angua and Carrot are not together in my story.  But I have a feeeling they won't be together forever in cannon either. 

Not mine - not at all


The vision stepped out of the shadows and was soon standing, staring at Captain Carrot over the dead body in the street.  He* was a Dwarf, but like Carrot himself he was an extremely tall Dwarf.  No beard, the part of his mind that was all Dwarf reminded Carrot that he in fact did not have a beard; the part of his mind that was learning to be human was jumping up and down yelling "no beard because she is a she.  Pretty too!" the rest of Carrots brain decided to ignore the human bit.  Carrot's eyes are drawn to the ax in the other Dwarf's hands, a huge funerary ax, really quite beautiful, but not what killed this unfortunate person dead on the ground.  

"Captain?" Angua's voice comes from behind Carrot, "She has an ax drawn.  You really should…" Carrot notes how the other Dwarf's eyes narrow slightly at the use of the word 'she'.

"Don't be ridiculous Sergeant, he isn't going to attack us," then in Dwarvish "You aren't are you?"

"No.  Not yet."

"Do you know the victim?" Carrot asks ignoring the not yet bit.

"Yes," the Dwarf now is answering in Ankh-Morporkian , "My brother Olof Poplarbrace."

"And your name?"


* There is no female pronoun in Dwarfish.  All Dwarves are just Dwarves, they act the same, look basically the same and all have beards.