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the nature of things

Well I started this today.  I think it is a reaction to two things reading many Diskworld books and the fact that we had a baby ram today... Let me know what you think (all one of you)

It was the day after shearing and Lark was lying on her back in the sunshine of the late afternoon.  Her only companions are sheep and they are not known as conversationalists.  She feels a nudge at her foot, it can't be a sheep, it isn't tentative enough.  She opens one eye to see Abner standing at her feet. 
"Thought you might like to eat," he says in his quiet way, holding out a plate of meat and bread, "it's not much and we have to share," he sits down next to her as Lark sits up.
"What are you doing up here?" she asks, "you should be down with the wool," shearing is done now and the jobs of sorting and processing the wool are left for the locals as the traveling shearers sleep off the effect of the past nights drink and prepare to go on to the next village.   
"Yes, well," Abner starts slowly, "I'll be leaving soon so I've got the day off."
"Leaving?" Lark knows that boys leave the village sometimes, but she had never thought that Abner would.  In fact in her mind she and Abner would grow the rest of the way up together and then get married.  That's what the whole village said, "Are you going with the shear boys?" It's really the only thing that makes much sense.  A year or two with the shear boys and a man can shear anything as well as tell the grade of wool in their sleep, at least that's what the elders say.
"No... I'm not going to be a shear boy..." he's looking at the ground between his feet.  Lark thinks he looks embarrassed.
"Well what is it then?"
"Going to learn Magic," Lark tries not to laugh at her friend, but it's hard, she finally settles on covering her laugh with a hand.
"You?  You're going to learn magic?   But your family raises sheep for a living.  You are going to be a weaver just like your brothers!"
"No, someone from the school came up yesterday.  He said you could come as well."
"Now I know you've gone insane.  I'm as Magical as a stone!"
"You always know where the sheep have wandered to, and you never loose any ewes in lambing."
"I'm lucky, that's it!"
"Luck is a kind of magic," Abner insists.
"In your mind maybe!"
"No the man said so!  He's talking to your father as well, he wants you to come with us."   
"Does he have a pointy hat?" Lark can't resist asking after a long pause.
"No, he has a squashy velvet one, with a tassel."
"He can't be a Wizard then can he?" Lark asks laugh returning.  A ewe comes over and eats a piece of bread off of the plate between them; Lark pushes her off with a rude noise. 
"He says he is," Abner says sulkily.
"And if I say I'm Queen, you'd believe me?"   
"No... I suppose not."
"Right then this is ridiculous.  Father will never send me away with this man, I'll be right here when you get back from what ever it is you are really going to do." Lark sighs and reclines back down in the grass.  Boys go away, then (usually) they came back.  It's the way of the world.  Girls stay with the sheep; the sheep make the wool that is woven into the fine cloth that is sold to the outside world.  The village prospers because the girls stay with the sheep.  It's the nature of things.  


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Apr. 17th, 2005 11:59 pm (UTC)
I love it!!
Apr. 18th, 2005 12:01 am (UTC)
Just signed on to AIM...sorry I missed you...

*whines like Padfoot*
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