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Apr. 17th, 2005

Well I wrote somethign for the RP but I doubt I will ever get to use it...it involves other peoples chericters after all it's not behind a cut becuase the cut isn't working for soem reason I can't figure out... I will try to put it behind one at soem point




Sirius wakes in the night, he knows he isn’t alone, and in his trust in the security he has set in place he is certain who is standing in his bedroom.

 “Rowann, I knew you would come back,” he says quietly into the darkness.

 “What makes you think I’m Rowann your Lordship?” Fay’s voice comes to him softly from very close.  To close.

 “How did you get in here?” he asks nonchalantly. 

 “Through the basement,” she replies, as if appearing in someone’s heavily guarded bedroom was something she did every night.  

“Luminos,” he says only to be surprised that the light from his wand is coming from Fay’s hand.   

 “You don’t think I would wake you before I had disarmed you?  Or do you really think I am that silly?”  Sirius looks into Fay’s eyes, they look like polished stones.

 “I may have underestimated you…”

 “Most do. It’s part of my charm,” Fay leans close to him her free hand grasping his neck – gently now but with the promise of force born from years of actual work, “I asked you to not come near my son.”

“What are you going to do if I disobey?  Kill me?”

 “What would be the point in that? You’ve been dead for years Sirius, you just haven’t noticed yet.”

“What then?”

 “Make you what you despise most … then make sure you live Sirius.”

 “You wouldn’t!  You are soft and weak; you could never be so cruel.   You’re a mother.”

 “What does my motherhood have to do with it?” Fay asks standing back.  She steps across the room and slips her hand into the cage of his magpie, grasping her firmly but gently, “Poor thing, so confused… I know what you used to do with her you know.  Simon read her mind when you sent her to spy,” With one quick movement Fay twists the bird’s head and tosses the dieing bird on the bed at Sirius’ feet, “sometimes death is preferable.”

There is a small sound as the air in the room expands to fill the space Fay was standing in.  Sirius looks at the dead bird and then hurriedly summons Fiduls


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Apr. 17th, 2005 10:59 pm (UTC)
I rather like it!
Actually, I was thinking of having Ro go back to Black and maybe getting caught...what do you think?
Apr. 18th, 2005 01:40 am (UTC)
sounds good to me.

You don't think killing the bird is a little over the top?
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