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OK I added a few lines to Vacation.  Not much mind you but it does close the sceen nicely.  I think I know now what I want to do with it.. yea!

            Kay smiles at Mae from the porch of the cottage they are renting for the week.  It was Mae’s turn to choose the vacation and she, of course, choose the seaside.  Kay doesn’t mind too much, Mae has long since given up on trying to get him in the water and being near the water is not so bad.   Best of all, she’s found an inlet where the forest comes almost to the water.  Pine.  Behind him smells like pine, before him smells like Mae. 

            She swims every morning.  She swims every morning at home as well, but it’s only in the river.  Part of him worries about her while she’s in the water, he knows that is irrational, but he knows his fear of water is irrational as well.  She turns back and waves at Kay and then jumps into the water.  Kay turns back to the report he has been working on.  He hates working on the Dangerous Beings laws, and he’s trying to only work on them while Mae is swimming.  He sighs and tries to focus on the Law.  It is not easy, after all this is supposed to be his vacation.  But as always the Court must come first.  His father has always said ‘the Puck plays but only after his service is done’.  His father had never worked for the Court, service is never done and there is little time for play.   Kay knows he is walking a thin line between the hard liners in the Court and the needs of his family.  Joe, Kay’s younger brother, and Mae would be disappointed in this Law no matter what he does, but his hope is to soften the law enough to keep the two of them out of trouble.  Joe, working at a protectorate for Dangerous Beings and Kay as a caseworker, both have a tendency to be too lenient with those designated Dangerous.    

            “You do know you are on vacation, right?” Mae’s voice comes to Kay.  He looks up into her smiling eyes. Her huge gray eyes, deep as the sea. 

            “I was just putting this away.”

            “No, you were going to work until I stopped you.”

            “Of course.  And then, when you are done swimming I spend the day being the perfect loving partner.”

            “I thought a walk in the woods would be nice once you put your papers away.”

            “A walk would be nice, but you’ve cut your swim short?” He asks, turning his face up to hers.

            “For you my darling,” she whispers, pushing his papers off of his lap.

            “You do know that those are important right?” he tries to keep the irritation out of his voice.

            “Of course they are, next week when we get back to court they are important… now they are just paper,” she leans over to kiss him, and out of the corner of his eye he can see his papers fluttering away.  For the first time in a long time Kay doesn’t care about loosing his work.