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Oliver died today. He was having problems... lossing weight and having sezures. When I got there to feed this am his head was turned back under his shoulder and he was on the ground (so he must have had a bad one) he was twitchy but when I moved his head he responded to me. I stayed for an hour or so and then went to work. I called Tony while he was checking on Oliver around 2:30 and he said Oliver hadn't responded since I left, but while we were talking he looked up and around and then seazed again. He was dead when I got there at 6. Tony kept his horns. I promised him green pastures. He was a good ram.

On a lighter note.. I finished my runes and have polished the edges. I want to polish the edges again and then paint the runes so they stand out- I can't decied on Pink or Green...

Also got a comment on "late night" at Devaint art... that's cool - I never get comments from peopel I don't know. They said the first bit shoudl have more flow.


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Mar. 30th, 2005 08:06 am (UTC)
Sorry to hear of the ram...you've spoken of him often. *huggles*
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