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 More Kay and Mae (really need better names) I was trying to work out a discription of Kay (although it didn't come out well) I still haven't figured out why these two love eachother - they just do.   

Mae wakes in the middle of the night.  She stirs hand searching for Kay.  He isn't in bed.  She slips out of bed and pads out of the bedroom.  There he is.  Kay is kneeling at his table.  Kneeling... he isn't in human form.  She smiles.  There are many names for what Kay is, satyr, Robin Goodfellow, puck.  The list could go on, every culture seems to have them, playful spirits with the legs of a small ungulate, in Kay's case the small ungulate is a sheep.  Chairs are not designed for sheep, so in this form he kneels.  The low table that he is kneeling at is covered with pens and paper, Kay likes writing in long hand.  The task he's been set by the Court has been taking it's toll on Kay.  He writes laws for the Court, sometimes the laws he writes he finds distasteful.  When the law is distasteful this happens, this working at all hours, sleeping where he falls.  She sits on the floor next to him and runs her fingers through his red gold hair, her hand brushing against the horn sweeping back over his head.  Kay moves under her hand.

 "Hey baby.  You fell asleep," she smiles as Kay nods sleepily, "You want to come to bed?"

 "I'm not done," he gestures to the pens and paper.

 "You are for tonight."

 "I have to make this perfect.  I need to soften it somehow."

 "What are you working on?"

 "Can't tell you.  It is secret."

 "It is always, isn't it?" Mae sighs. Kay yawns, "See your body says you are done for the night."

 "My father always said our bodies are just illusion."

 "And if he really believed that he wouldn't have had twelve children." 

 "I'm sure the old ram had more... but we have no way of knowing I guess."

 "Come to bed Kay..." Mae sighs pulling gently at his hand, "I don't sleep well without you."

 "I don't know if I'll sleep. This piece is a bit of a bother."

 "Then just lay there and be fuzzy," Mae says with a smile. 

 "You don't want me to change back?" Kay asks getting up slowly.

 "No, you're warmer like this."

 "I'm a big Kay sweater?"

 "My big Kay sweater," she says pulling him close. 

 "I need to make this law softer."


 "I need to protect you my darling."  


Mar. 28th, 2005 09:53 pm (UTC)
This is good hon...keep it up!
Mar. 28th, 2005 11:13 pm (UTC)
this is actulay something that I had ploted out for the past of the chericters... it includes a breakup (sort of) and a very sad poem.