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Mar. 26th, 2005

Well the chericters are mine and it is a first draft.  I've been thinking about what happens to a palnt type fary in the spring for a while now and since Kay has horns and all I thouhgt he might use them.  I think he may have used them at work and that is why he was sent home early. this is very short 

            Kay had been sent home from work early.  Mae knew because one of those little annoying fairies had told her.  She wasn’t surprised he had been sent home after all he had been acting unusually on the way it.  Mae sighs as she leans against the door to the house they share.  This is a good sign that spring is in the air, these things are bound to happen  when things start to think about coming back to life– even to Kay, he may seem so solid to the people he works with but Mae knows different.  He’s still a Puck – it’s still spring – and his “sap is flowing” as they say. 

            She unlocks the door and steps inside slowly.    It’s not like she’s afraid of Kay, she never could be, it is just that he is so unpredictable in the spring time.  The lights are out and the house is quiet.  He must be sleeping.  Mae slips inside and puts down her bag and is sorting the mail when she hears him behind her,

            “Thought you would come home earlier,” Kay whispers into her neck.  His body is pressed against her and she can’t help but lean back into him.  She isn’t surprised to find he isn’t in his human form.   

            “I didn’t find out you had gone until late, and by then there was no reason…”

            “Except for possibly relieving me?” his voice is breathy and her body is responding to him already.

            “Yes well it’s just sex isn’t it?” she asks with a barely suppressed giggle.  Kay’s response is not so much a growl as the idea of a growl, she can feel something in his chest, but can’t identify it. 

            “Sex.  Yes…” Kay purrs, and then violently slashes a horn against the wall, “Sex now,” he gropes for a moment at her clothes and then she hears a tearing noise.

            It’s one of those things that none of her friends would believe.  But then again her friends don’t believe she has sex with Kay, let alone standing pushed up against the door.   Her friends think that he is just… well they never see him relaxed, they only see the side of himself he shows to the world. 

            He sighs afterward.  Sighs and murmurs something that might be an apology for the torn clothes.  She smiles gently and strokes his face.  He hates being out of control and this need is something he can’t control.  She walks him to the bedroom and gets him in bed. She curls up under the heavy comforter with him, pulling him close. 

            “You staying home tomorrow?” She asks gently.

            “If I still feel like this, maybe.  If you’ll stay with me,” his head is resting against her shoulder.  He yawns, body urging him to sleep.  “Early isn’t it?” he asks just this side of sleep.

            “March?  Well, a bit I guess.  Good sign though if even you are effected this early,” her fingers slip thorough his hair, he wraps a wooly sheep leg around her and makes a small sleepy noise, “rest Kay, we have all spring to do this.”

            “mmmm… loveyou…” he murmurs on the edge of sleep.

            “shush…I know love.”