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well the week is finaly over.  Nothing is ready for the show, and we are leavign on the 4th.  Dad stayed home wednesday and thirsday so I have had way to much in the way of people.  And Mom is having people over in the morning so Dad will just walk into my room to use the bathroom on the on eand only day I get to sleep late.  He dosen't get that the act of walking into my room wakes me up and I don't go back to sleep.  He dosen't get that I need space.  That I'm not 12 that it's not OK to come and stand in my room.  I pay to live here, it's not like I'm freeloading.   Fuck him and fuck all men!  Well.. some of them are OK. 

Trying to refreaine from e-mailing Peter, since he wont be back until Tusday. 

I should be doing something creative... but I don't seem to be able to. 

Cool birds I have seen this week, one bald eagle and a raft of Merganzer ducks.  Spring peeppers are out! 

No lambs.