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Still no lambs. 

Have to work tomorow.  Dad stayed home tonight so.. well I may go out in  a bit.  I hope ani bester likes the first few pages of the story I sent her

Todays song


Dance Me Around by Buffy Sainte-Marie

And when I think about all I missed

All those kisses that you

Gave to someone else

I wish I'd been around

but I was up there in the air

while you were over here

with both feet on the ground


Who'd've ever thought it

that it shoulda been you and me

got to find a way to show it

this effect you have on m e


When I think about what I missed

I wish I coulda been your girl


And when I think about all I've lost

I could never count the cost

cause of what we've got for free

and now it's later

maybe better later then never

I don't know

but here you are with me


Dance me around again

hold me like it's never gonna end

finaly I've found

Somebody who's always been a friend

Well I don't know why that's the song of the day but it is.