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WEll things went well today. Other than me almost having a hart attack! I didn't get my review until 4 pm... It was fine. Some of the things he was mad at me about before he's relized "it's just the way I am" soemtimes I'm not chatty and talkitive, sometimes I am.

Sarah gave me freinhight 911 back. I shoudl watch the whole thing sometime. I spent the last tiem we watched it looking for mom and dad (they were at a rally taped for the movie but I guess it didn't make the cut but we do have a copy of the tape they made at the time)

e-mail from a freind... seems that they have outlawed pencle cases at the school his kids go to because the contents my be used as wepons. Yes pens and penciles can b eused as wepons but they are SO much more effective when outside of the case!

I took two days off to go see Fairport Convention with the Strawbs!