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Dark Night Warm Water

  Little fic about two of my RP characters; they are 11 now but in the story are more like 25. William and Gawain are mine, the world (even thought you can’t see it) belongs to JK Rowlling (although we are in Iceland).  </p>




Early in the day (not that you can tell anymore now that the sun is down), William had come to me with the news that he had found a hot spring near the school.  Swimming is one of William's favorite pastimes and I know he has missed it since we have come to Iceland.  That's how we came to be trudging through the snow on a dark November day.   Soon we come upon it and see that there is a small changing house next to the spring. Quickly we are slipping into the steaming waters.   William smiles at me in the dim light, I haven't seen him smile in days and I can feel myself start to relax; I hadn't known how tense I was. William holds his hand out to me.

"I've missed seeing you in the moonlight" he says as he takes my hand and pulls me close.  I tense again; no one is supposed to know about us.  Before we came I thought it would be easy keeping it a secret, after all we had all through school. But now, as adults, thinkingthat every touch, every word may give us away; it is much more difficult. "No one will see," he whispers kissing my neck. 

I can't help but melt into him.  I'm not usually such a push over.  But the water and the moonlight on William's skin has always driven me mad.


"Are you trying to take advantage of me?" I ask.    


"No," he says stroking my cock, "I'm trying to pleasure you."


"Here and now?"


"No, I'm going to make you disapperate back to the school first," he says with a chuckle. 


"Well in that case I should start back," my chuckle is cut short by another kiss.  I reach for him.


"No," he says gently pushing my hand away, "I want to watch you."


And he does. 


In the drowsy aftermath of pleasure he holds me tight and traces something on my chest with his finger.  He holds me, my back against his chest, my head resting on his shoulder.  I turn and nuzzle his neck appreciatively.


"I missed this," he murmurs 


"What?" I ask sleepily.


"Having you like this," his voice sounding so wistful.


"You have me all the time," I say as he kisses my forehead.  I want him not to sound sad.  I want him to keep holding me and just rest until I am ready to make love to him.  I know he'll want to soon. 


"But not like this.  You seem so far away all the time."


"I'm supposed to be here as your friend and healer, not your partner," I say gently.


"I suppose," William says.  He falls silent, tightening his grip on me, "I wish I hadn't brought you here."


"Why?" I ask, worried about the turn the conversation is taking. 


"Because. You shouldn't have to hide why you are here," he mumbles into my hair.


"I'm not. Everyone knows I'm here to take care of you.  Everyone knows I love you.  The only thing I'm hiding is the sex."


"And that doesn't bother you?"


"No," I lie.


"Don't you miss anything?"


"Well. I  miss holding hands walking through the wood on a autumn day.  But honestly, I haven't seen any of the staff snogging in the stables or walking hand in hand in the greenhouses," I stand and turn to him, resting my forehead against his. "What do you miss, I wonder?"


"Our pond.  Swimming and making love, but this is good," he steps back running his hand through the steaming water, "like a bath," he leans back in the water.  Floating for a few seconds before I hear him say, "Catch me if you can, Gawain," and then the murmured spell that allows us to breath under water.  He dives away from me. 


We've been playing tag like this since we were children.  I know I will catch him, and I know the wonderful sex that will follow. 

I wonder how deep this pool of water really is? Ah, but it doesn't really matter after all, in the dark night any depth of warm water will hide our lovemaking from prying eyes.


I say the spell myself and go after him.


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Aug. 29th, 2004 10:54 pm (UTC)
I rather like it...
...but then, I'm a little biased.
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