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Well I've started to write soemthing. It's not much but it is something.  Also ani bester sugested a while ago an all female comic or what not.  I think it's a good idea (even if I can't draw) don't know why that suddenly popoed into my mind about a half an hour ago... ah well.  Life is dull. 


 Bryn looks up from the book the class is reading.  Professor Wessell is starting on he 'Valkery' thing again.  It runs something like this; he sits on Kate's desk and says:
       "This one looks like Valkerie," then he points at Bryn "but that one.  That one is Valkery." Then he asks her a question, it was cute the first two or three times.  In the past few days it has gotten even less cute than usual.  She looks just past Professor Wessell's left shoulder and sees the One Eyed Man and sighs.  It wouldn't be so bad if he would just let her get through class. 
       "Do you know what your name means?" Professor Wessell asks Bryn.
        "Tell the class then."
        "Brynja is old Norse for armor," the One Eyed Man smiles.
         "You see?" the Professor crows, "You are Valkerie!"  And class goes back to normal. 

 Out on the street later, Bryn tries to avoid the One Eyed Man.  She knows there is no point to try, but it feels like if she doesn't try she's admitting to loss.  She picks up a sandwich and heads back to her dorm room.  
        "You aren't going to speak to me?" the One Eyed Man asks.
        "Why would I want to?"
        "Because it's important, it's your Destiny," she can hear the way that last word fills up the world. 
         "Can't you at least talk like a person?" she snaps.
         "Why would I do that?  I am a god after all."
         "Whatever!" after three days of this Bryn is getting fed up with being followed by a god.  Gods are fine, from a distance. But they have no right to barge into your personal space, at least not in Bryn's mind. 
         "Everyone sees it but you Bryn," he says gently. 
         "You just put the idea into peoples heads!"
          "Am not."
         Bryn just sighs.  There is no point in starting a silly 'am not' 'are too' argument with a god.