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Mar. 12th, 2005

First off my L/J hasn't been working this week.  It seems the servier that my journal is on has been haveing manitinace done to it, pritty much every time i want to enter something. 


Well it started early.  I was at the Mill at 6 am and KingStudly just stood up nice for me in the pen we put him in the day before (maybe I should have started with the day before- we trimmed his feet and wormed him and discovered that he isn't found of being on a halter.  And then put him in a pen by himself) KingStudly is about 3 feet at his back and is sort of like a giant stuffed toy.  His real "name" is 2000-04.  I step into the pen with him and he just walks up to me and puts his head on my hip.  I give him a big hug and slip the halter on - sheep halters aren’t like horse halters they are a series of slip knots that go over the nose and around the head- hard to describe but once you've seen it makes sense.  Anyway he just walked out with me like a dog, and hopped right into the back of the truck (we have a ‘crate’ in the back of the truck it’s more of an oak cage) and we were off.  Tony and I get in the truck and it’s playing “visit London” add – the add starts off “What would you be doing in London right now” “eating Lunch” I say.  Bad habit I have of talking back to the radio, but since I spend most of my days with the radio over other people it makes sense- but it does confuse people.  Anyway, Williamsburg is about 280 miles from my house.  The trip down went fine, KingStudly moved the crate forward so he could press his face against the back window of the truck and alternated between sticking his head out of the top and watching us in the cab. He’s really cute. 

We stopped for gas and – well, junk food around DC – and were surprised by a man in the gas station who had a very thick Amish accent.  Not many Amish in the nation’s capitol.  We were already past DC by the time people were getting out of church so we didn’t have much traffic.  We were to Williamsburg by 11:30.  It was nice and warm – not raining blue sky the whole nine yards.  We unloaded KingStudly and put him up in a quarantine paddock – I took off his halter and he tried to follow me out.  Tony has decided that if we have a ram off of him we should keep it.  I agree.  I like KingStudly, he has nice conformation and is as sweet as bee pollen.  Anyway, our ewe was in a little truck all ready to go.  But we had to go to the bookstore – I can’t go anywhere without going to the bookstore.  Spent some time there, bought three books (to add to the pile on the floor that I’m not reading in favor of “Men at Arms”) one on playing the fife, one on woman and morals in early America and one on Woman in the revolutionary war – I’ve read a bit of this one it’s kind of interesting.  It seems that as a camp follower you had to pick the army that sort of went along with the vision you had of what you wanted.  So if you wanted a husband you would go with the Hessians (I guess they often married the “camp wives”) for food and money you went with the British - it seems that if you were acting as a “camp wife” here the guy went home in the end but you had certain rights during the campaign (Like pay for mending and cooking and some form of child support).  It all seems very odd. 

The trip home: well…

We tried to get a parking spot so we could eat at this lovely cheese shop, but by now it is 1 pm and EVERY one is trying to park to eat in the lovely cheese shop.  We could have driven back to the welcome center and walked or back to the barns and walked – but I think we were already a little burnt out –after all we had spent the day before teaching and we had just driven a long way.  We just went back picked up Rosemary and started for home.  We got off at rt 301 to eat at a Subway (Not McDonalds) and decided to go home that way instead of by the Highway – not that 301 isn’t a highway it’s just a smaller highway than the rout we took down – and things are going fine.  We are happily driving through the Western Shore, it’s flat and wet, and lovely.  Lovely day… we are laughing at signs that say things like “speed enforced by airplane” (what do they do land on you to give you a ticket?) things are good.  Ewe is quiet and eating.  We cross the baybridge.  We are now in “our area” the Eastern Shore.  We are driving, and driving, and driving… and my lord we should have been home by now.  And then there is a sign for Cambridge MD.  We made a wrong turn and had been going south for over an hour – we have been heading directly away form home.  So to make a long story short I got to see all of Delaware, from south to north on Sunday.  We got back at 8:30 and I was home around 9 pm.  It was a long day and I think my have done me in for the rest of the week.  

In other good news: the Weavers guild has decided not to provide volunteers for the Mill anymore.  Instead they will be paying money for the space they use and training existing volunteers to weave.  So I will get my weaving training and apprenticeship for free. 


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Mar. 12th, 2005 10:02 pm (UTC)
Sounds like you had fun! :)

Too bad you didn't get to eat at The Cheese Shop...my fave snadwich from there would be roastbeef on french bread with house dressing and a tiny bit of mayo, with extra house dressing on the side...YUM.

I used to work there before they moved to the "new" location that used to be called , "A Good Place To Eat"...

Free apprenticship is a GOOD THING!

Mar. 12th, 2005 11:26 pm (UTC)
Aprentiship good thing, yes.
And I included the explantion of the cheese shop 'cuse this was (Mostly) an e-mail to Peter... to lazy to re- write (and of course to lazy to take out the word errors as well)
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