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started fic

Well I must be depressed 'cause I've listend to The Wall two times all the way through today.  I guess some days you just gotta cry.  My mom's best freind died last week.  And I spent all day getting a saddle to a casson (sp?) unit... for some reason no one at work gets that the funeral units are a tad bit busy just now. 

Anyway I started this fic.  It's nowhere near done Or even started yet really.  It dosne't have a name either.  William and Gawin are mine.. the world (eventhough you can't see it yet) is JK Rowling's



Another Brick in the Wall part 3


“I don’t need no arms around me

I don’t need drugs to calm me

I have seen the writing on the wall

Don’t think I need anything at all

No don’t think I’ll need anything at all

All and all it was all just bricks in the wall

All and all you were all just bricks in the wall”


William gets angry sometimes.  I don’t say that I blame him; I may get angry if what I was hurt me as much as it hurts him.  I would guess from the way he is acting that this episode was quite embarrassing.


CRASH!  Another bottle hits the wall and shatters.   I think it was my potions homework but I’m not going to stop him.  I walked in on this.  I knew he had had a bad seizure during the day and Jamie said he was down here, but he never let on.  So I was a bit taken aback to walk into the hidden room, the one we got to when we need to be together, when we need to be ourselves, and find it in rack and ruin.  I reach for his arm, but he pulls it away.


“Let me go Gaw!” he hisses at me. What ever was in his hand hits the wall; it was a book his father had gotten when he was in school.


“Is this doing any good?” I ask quietly reaching for him again.


“Yes!”  he grabs something out of his bag.  It’s his wand.  His eyes light up as he grabs each end of it, preparing to snap it.


“NO!” I shout.  I grab him wrapping my arms tight around him.


“GET OFF ME!” he pushes me back so hard I stumble into the wall.  As I struggle for breath I see his wand has fallen to ground.     



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Aug. 23rd, 2004 11:44 pm (UTC)
comenting so that a e-mail will go to my account...
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