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OK I've been practicing not being so - well dishonist isn't the word for it, and neither is 'closed' not really... I guess I've been trying to not hold back so much.  If someone asks me something in the past I would examine my answere compleatly, I woudl ask if there was any way it coudl be taken the wrong way and what that woudl be.  I woudl never give a straight 'yes' or 'no' I was careful to make sure everything could go in my favor.  I said what I ment, but maybe in the way the person wanted to hear it not the way I really wanted to say it.  I've been trying to say what I actulay mean now... I may have to do some more explaining about things (because I've never been one for yes or no answers I don't have a yes or no mind) but I thought it would help keep my boss from thinking of me as "an enigma" (as he called me at my last review)

Anyway, sevral times since I've been working on this I've (unintentualy) upset people.  This time it was Peter - but of course all I said was "at some point you will get in trouble for e-mailing me so much" the meining behind that was "You e-mail me from work.  You could get yelled at for goofing off" He took it to mean that I didn't want him e-mailing me - that he was bothering me, or that I thought his wife woudl be angry (OK we talk about work and sheep. and our familiys- there isn't anything for anyone to be angry about).  I wrote him an e-mail saying that he wasn't taking up all of my time.  It's all very odd...


I have decided that there is no good way to talk to people.  I think I need to go back to the stiyle of comunication that is most comfortable for me.  The non comittal grunt.