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What a long day.  Today I worked the sheep with cadets from DMA (it's Navy) the kids arn't bad.  most of them are quite game actualy.  We ended up with Oliver, who is very thin and easy to handle now.  I guess we should be happy for small favors.  He was very good and his feet were AWFUL.  Of course he hasn't been walking much, and that is probably why they were so bad.  He had them done a few months ago (the same time as all the others) and no one else was really bad- so it has to be because he is - well why pussy foot around it? The boy is dieing.  He's a good boy and I love him BUT he is well on to six and the Merino only live to be like 10... he had a sezure last week and started on one while we were working on him today.  He went all shakey but got right up when we let him go.  Anyway, if he dies now he'll go to his next life with nicely trimed feet. 

Put the ewes in the maternity ward today.  August was starting milk.  So I guess I was closer to right on the dew dates than Tony.  So in materinty we have Tansy, Rosey, August and Tyme.  We didn't get Betsy wormed or her CD+T shot yet and she still needs trimed and trimed...

On of the cadets decided to through away her pants after working with the sheep so I told her to leave them out I woudl take them so she put them in the bottom of the trash can and I started to pick through to get them (hell these were NICE jeans!) the cadets techer ended up getting them for me and they are in the wash right now.  LOL.

Now I have to go pick up dad at work (uggg)