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Well not much to report.  Not that anyone reads anyway.  Peter is off to BETA so I will not be getting any e-mail from him until at least Wednesday.  It'll be weird- I've gotten e-mail from him everyday since he got back from KOP (except for 2 days when he didn't  have e-mail).  Ah well, I will live.  But I must say I feel weird missing someone who lives so far away.

I'm gettign parinoid about work.  I don't think I've done anything to be parinoid about... but the energy at work is very strange these days.  I know it is some kind of winter realted thing - everyoen gets depressed and crabby and then we attack eachother... K works too hard.  As does R... soon it will be full on spring and things will go bakc to normal.  Anyway for now I think I am going to get fired- I've never been fired in my LIFE so I don't know where that is comming from.

The meeting with Wint. will be Tuseday.  I am very nervious about it.  I will be talking with my weekend boss about it on Sunday.

Monday off.  I don't go back to work until Wednesday. 

K- flyes to Engalnd tomorow, and back on Wednesday (suposedly Peter is sending me something for selling 6 yards of cloth - I hope it is that cd he was talkign about) she will be back to work on Thursday. 

I have written almost nothing since KOP.  I am actulay feelign guilty about it.  I don't know why, it's not like I have all these ideas and am just not writing- I'm just not having ideas.  And I don't really feel like writing.  I wish I did.  I feel like I should feel like writing...

Anyway I'm gettign teased a bit about Peter, it started at KOP and I think it will just continue until- well until everyone decides not to talk about it any more.  sigh*