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Wicked Slapshot

It feels odd to post this here, but what the heck.

Mulit-Published Author Elizabeth Inglee-Richards Releases Wicked Slapshots

Books To Go Now is proud to announce author Elizabeth Inglee-Richards hockey anthology, Wicked Slapshots, has been released!

Books To Go Now is proud to announce author Elizabeth Inglee-Richards sports anthology, Wicked Slapshots, has been released!
About Wicked Slapshots:

First time together in an anthology, Elizabeth Inglee-Richards best-selling Paranormal hockey series.

The Rebuilding Years: The Hampden County Hyenas are a hockey team that is a bit unusual. They really are hyenas-or boudas. Much like werewolves they are both man and beast-a perfect fit for hockey. It is a rebuilding year for the team and it's time to hunt for a new recruit.

Breakthrough Game: When an old leader is ready to step down Rob Grahame is the only one who knows. How do you take on a responsibility you aren’t sure you are ready for? Rob and his team are both over their heads, in the midst of the play-offs with the core of the team shifting. Will Rob be able to step up and be the leader no one expected him to have to be? Will the hyena follow him?

Wings and Blades: Betrayed by his wife, William Fonte, a defenseman

in the Pan-American Champion Hockey League, returns home to Boston in search of a trade to the team he had loved as a child, the Nahant Nor’easters. Will he learn to soar again with the help of an angel from his past?

Or will his past keep him earthbound?

Accrocher Ses Pantins (Hanging 'em Up): In the nineteen twenty’s the world of Ice Hockey was

changing forever, spreading south into the US markets. Two young lovers from New Brunswick were preparing to get married when the young man is offered his dream job as a goalie for a team based in Halifax. The couple has no idea what changes they are going to have to make for the team that doesn’t just wear the Hyena, they become the hyena quite literally.

Rejoice: A Burden: It’s the last game before Christmas and Arttu, forward for the Nor’easter ice hockey team, is having a hard time with his asthma. When his fiance is kidnapped from the teams Christmas party by Nuuttipukki, a Holiday spirit trying to punish her for using magic on people without consent, will he be able to save her, or will Nuuttipukki drag her to hell?

About Author Elizabeth Inglee-Richards:

Elizabeth is a writer of modern Urban and Suburban fantasy. Her stories are mostly set in Delaware or Massachusetts, the two places she has spent most of her life. Many of her stories have a romantic twist and often deal with professional hockey players; after all there are never enough romantic urban fantasies about hockey!

You can find her at her blog: Where you can find the anthology Wicked Slapshots:
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