bodgei (bodgei) wrote,

Tis the season

All my friends are writing novels and I am packing for my yearly trip to Equine Affair in West Springfield MA. I am really not looking forward to the show. I’m not in great physical shape right now. I don’t normally talk about pain, but there has been more of it than normal for the past two weeks. I can’t really ever tell when a flair is coming and it isn’t always convenient (like when I have to move a lot of boxes, set up a store, stand on my feet on concrete for 14 hours and then do the whole thing in reverse) so I’m guessing this week will be rough.

The pets aren’t pleased with me leaving. They always lose their minds when I pull out the suitcase.

Hopefully everything will go well and maybe I will get some writing in.

On the up side I sold my Christmas story - all 10K of it. It is one of the few stories that I have written and read over and liked even in the first draft, so I am happy it sold.

Tags: nano, pain, work

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