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Aug. 22nd, 2004

"Throug Cropperty in Oxfordshire the chirrwell takes its course and the Willows weap into her waters clear" OK so I stole Will's name... I've been writng alot about him and Gaw as adults recently, I don't really like any of it.  I don't really like anything I'm writing these days... poo.  I was suposed to write an intorductiory class for TFC today, but I don't really feel like it. I have to go shoping with mom today (so fun). I still feel kinda funky from the show.  It's a lot of work and then we stand areound a lot.  We had something like 15 sales people at this show... I only wrote 4 orders in 3 days... I did talk alot.  people see to have relised that I can hold a converstion about just about anything.  I missed my calling, I should have been a cortisan...  I had a 20 min conversation about Machester United and another long conversation about architecture and religion basicly you set me on a subject and I can hold up my end... maybe I was a gasha once... lol


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Aug. 22nd, 2004 09:33 am (UTC)
OK so that time it didn't work at all...
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