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So my normal word output a week, while writing fiction is between one thousand and two thousand words.

Yeah I’m pretty slow. I figure it is alright for me to be slow between the amount of time I have to put into writing (between three jobs and wanting to read and sleep) it can be hard for me to set aside any real writing time.

Sometime around March 4th I started a new story. It was something that has been haunting me for a bit. I had planned on the story taking about 5K to tell. I am now almost 13K into it in the past 20 days.

That’s about twice the amount of words as I do in good times.

The story isn’t going to be done in 6K. It’s looking like it may be a novel.

But we will see. This story has really taken me over though, so I may be able to finish it.



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Mar. 24th, 2011 10:54 am (UTC)
It's weird I find that I seem to write more when things are at thier busyest, crazyest, and when I am stressed out the most.

This peice may be cathartic - since it will involve jail and other things...
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