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OK I really don't have a job I should be obessing about... but I am anyway.  I was let go early yesterday to "rest" after the show... well anyway I started typing up what we need to pack for the show in August! 

Today I had someone tracking a parcle I sent out Wednessday (a VERY expensive saddle) and a parcle I sent out for Peter (his has been delivered) His wife's shoes came today as well.  So at least one of his gifts will get to him via the TH mule express... gahh I'm a smuggler now!

I should e-mail the above info to him...

I probalbly only have 100 orders left to pick in the after show crazyness... and I have no saddle sized boxes and wont until Wednesday (unless I head out to the market to steal them).  You can bearly walk up and down the esile at work... soon it will be March and people will be looking for show clothes... and then all hell brakes loose til September.   As if this isn't all hell braking loose...

I had to change a 100 wat bulb for a 40 wat bulb today, because we only have 40 wats around... My life woudl be so much better if I didn't have to cary a flashlight with me to tell what color things are