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OK I've decided I'm touch deprived.  My family is very "touchy feely" but with all the stress I've all but stopped touchign people.  I got lots of touch at the traid show... I always do. It seems like we here in the US never touch but all over the world everyone else does!  I wonder why that is? Why are we so afriade of touching each other?  I wonder if that is why so many of us are on anti depresants?  

Even shaking someones hand while holding their arm or shoulder or something.  Anyway I think it's odd. 

So I came home early from work to rest, but I did work for work... I run a warehouse it's not work you should take home...

Anyway, I'm gonna tuch people more.  I don't care what they think.

The chin still hurts.  I haven't made the appoointment yet because I have to call 48 or closer to when I want to see the dr.  So i will call moday.  It is feeling just a bit better.  I actulay cryed when I hit it with the rack, I had to yell at everyone around me so they woudl go away first.  Peter fussed over it a bit and that was nice, cause no one ever fusses over the idiotic things I do to myself!  That night I couldn't realy chew, but now it's doign better.  It pops very often but I can actulay feel it getting better.  I still can't rest my chin on my hands, but I'm sure in a few days that will have cleared up as well.  I will sleep all weekend.  That is a promiss!