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Well I should be washing my hair and going to bed... but I seem to be posting instead. I'm very tired and have 4 mores days like today before I get back to the werehouse to a total cluster- f$#k. The peopel who work in the office get home on Monday and spend all day monday entering orders so I can have them first thing Tusday morning... all I want first thing on Tusday is more sleep! K worked on orders all day today and when I left she still had 5 left... she shiped 15... for me that would be a slow day but she is easly distracted...

I'm betting on 200-300 orders this weekend maybe more that's 10 days worth of work adn for some reason people will expect it to be done by the end of the week. I'm not a mirical worker.

The show it's self is usuly pritty fun, and Peter will be there he's alot of fun. But set up is hell (and of course while I'm gone the cat has to pee on everything)

Dad is being a fruit cake and Hisband is FINALY starting to keep his promises agian. He is also working and seems pritty happy.

The renta ram got out into the big pasture a few days ago, so we may have extra lambs this year... oddly enough this dosn't bother me too much... I must be tired