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toe is still a problem, but atleast I can walk on it. Sarah still hasn't read the first chapter of KIM yet. I'm kinda working on the second chapetr (well I have it kinda worked out in my head). I may write her a fan fic because of a conversation she and I had about how I woudl have gone insane in "lost" by now. She had caught me dancing to "Bang a Gong" by T-rex... it's n ot even what I woudl consider a fav song but it does have that awesome ending "And meanwhile I'm still thinking..." she said it fit me cause I think to much. I always thought I woudl get a dragon tattoo but I may have to get "and meanwhile I'm still thinking" done on my back.

Anyway, nightmares all night (all week actualy) last night the whole staff at work were traped on an island and there were Killer Amish in the woods. Also from the sky came "pern" thread and then robots to kill us... oddly enough Sarah had a dream that we were all traped at work and she kept trying to call out and everytime she did she got one of our Amish clients- this woudln't be so weird except that she and I have had the same dream on the same night before.