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Today I am tired and cranky as one often is after working on your feet for 12 hours - well really 11 hours and 50 min.

It wasn't all at work work - some of it was sheep work. I broke a nail I know that sounds girly - but I kinda prid myself that after 30 years of nail biting and doing the work that I do I take some pride in being able to grow nails. I mean how many werehouse orkers do *you* know with even 'sport length' nails? I may paint them for my vacation.

other than that - not much interesting.


Aug. 5th, 2009 11:55 pm (UTC)
well when I worked in an office (and all my freinds had nice manicures) i painted my nails all sorts of funky colors (purple, blue, bright orange) I changed it every few days - I'd bite if it was pink or red or some normal color.

Then I figred out what sets me chewing - I chew when I get hangnails or if I chip or get a weekspot in a nail. So I started carying a nail clipper and a file with me - that way I'm not tempted.

mostly it takes time and not getting frustrated when you back slide. So I guess it's like anything.