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I actuly didn't do anything this weekend. 

Mostly I watched TV and rearanged my books.  I think between the two days I wrote about 800 words, but my writting area is clean and tidy and all my books are within reach of where I work.  

Today I've been thinking about ms_erupt   - she knows why and it's her stroy to tell or not tell if she sees fit.  But I do want you to know (if you read this) that I'm thinking of you. and I will write if you send me that address.    

In about 15 min I'll be going to perkens.  Don't laugh but perkens, IHOP and Dennys are my fav resturants.  Dennys is last becasue they won't seat me.  And I still can't figure out why.  IHOP is my fav - but it's too far away.

Tonight is my night to code - but for the...well sevral week's I haven't realy wanted to. I have to fix that.  Do something to make myself more excited for it, since there are only 4 of us now.  I'll try to get it done tonight.  Beacuse if I don't then I will have had 2 days in a row of not getting any writting done. 

I also have to do my homework for my last class.  The class was Friday and I haven't started on the homework.  I dont even know what I want to do the essy on yet.  It's 10 pages on how we can make our imposable goal happen.  Since (for some reason) right now I have no goals (except for finishing this novel) that's a lot of pages to fill.