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I tryed to work on "flat" today.  But I can't seem to work on anything... I have an idea for an origanl peice that isn't my typical "mordin fantisy" kind of thing.  The plainit has a few coultures on it.  One is bases on Rome, one that is based on a "king arthur" type Britten, on on a Hunnish (mouble) stppe culture... a Peopel of the sea (I think will be based on Vikings) and then a people of the sand (Egipt?).  I sort of see it at this point as a seirise of short storys following a young woman who was sold into slavery to become a Gladeatrix.  At the point when she was to become a full fledged warreor (and preistes) she is bought and is returned to The Islands of the Mighty (England).  I don't know if i will ever write anymore of it than the paragraph I showed Sirius Girl the other day, but in my head I can see it... well bits of it.  Her perces her transport her becomoing a squire... battles against the Peopel of the Sea... it's liek the world is in frount of my face and I could just reach in and touch it...

Willaim is quiet as are most of my chericters... I think because of the sickness...

Back to the Dr on Thursday... and I'm looking forward to it... for once.