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just stuff

I started working on prompt 15 for the 12 for 12. Yeah, yeah I know *way* out of order and not even the story I wanted to be working on (I wanted to be working on the prompt from ms_erupt becasue it goes with the last 2 that I sent out)

Went to a car show this evning got to see many lovely cars.  I found one (well more then one) that I wanted to take home - a 66 impala in a gray/purple she was lovely.  And a blue convertable betle and the owner was a guy who was in our apartment bulding in the late 70's - he still owns the car! 

Also wouldn't have minded the GTO or the Fury. 

Maybe next month I'll take some photos


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Apr. 27th, 2009 12:21 am (UTC)
most of the guys (and girls) who do this show are pritty local and come every month. So I should be able to get pix next time - they may be cell phone picks but none the less.

Well I know there are some cars there that you would be familar with - there are some nice early 70's Chevlles (like Bobby's car) and some Impalas (I like the erlyer modles 66 and older - more boxy but bigger engens)

of course Mustangs (though I'm not normaly a ford girl)

And a few Chargers (Tom and I argue about the Charger. I love them he hates them)

And some older stuff a *nice* 40's ford pickup. Some desotos and suttibakers

Oh yeah and a Lotus.

Wow I went on a bit there- and you don't need to get under the hoods if you have someone in your life who will. (But I think everyone should be able to change a tire)

Edited at 2009-04-27 12:23 am (UTC)
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