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hey all

Hey all,

sent out the next 12for12 (or 15for15) story.  Anyone on my f'list that isn't getting those stories and wants to read any of them (including the one that is gonna be in the mag) just let me know.  If you are reading them let me know what you think. 

Today is Ester.  last night I got home a 12:15.  I know because I was looking at the clock as I pulled into our little road.  We live on a little tiny street - the kind you find in little towns that have been eatten by larger citys (OK Wilmingtion isn't huge but it *is* a city) there are a total of 5 houses (if you count the two facing the larger street) and ends at a stream (OK that may not be normal everywhere but this is DE) and when I looked up there was a little bunny running across the road.  Thought that was weird since it was Easter and all.

Mom and I are talkng about going to the Fairfax book fair to see Sherman Alexie.  It's in September, so I have time to ask off.  Heck I may not have a job by then.  He wrote what will probalby be 'the best YA book I read this year' (an award I give out in my mind) I've been meaning to write a review of Absolutly True Story of a Parttime Indain since Wednesday - but havent gotten to it yet.  I kinda suck at the whole writting reviews thing. 

I'm still amazingly tired.  I think it was funny that i put a little makeup on to hide the whole "zombie vamp" look I get when exhausted - but went out in my 'lounge' clothes.  So yeah I went out in my PJ's last night. 

I had chicken wings for breakfast.  and I am finaly tackling the monster pile of laundry. 

I will post links for the mag "tobin bridge" will be published in when she gets the "sneak peak" up. 


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(Deleted comment)
Apr. 12th, 2009 11:19 pm (UTC)
yeah - since we didn't do anything to mark the day I guess it's not that bad.

Well I didn't get to rest this weekend and I won't next weekned either. But maybe after that?
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