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feeling very odd today. Almost drunk... must be becasue I slept relitivly unintrupted (I think I only woke up twice)

We will see how work goes.

I still have to dust off the Stories for the three prompts I am sending out this month - I think it may end up beign a whole Novel so for those of you who are getting it. If it seems like it ends in the middle - it does.

Started the next set of prompts and have teh same problem with that. After this - back to stand alones.

Still haven't sat down with the goal bar to see what I did wrong...


(Deleted comment)
Feb. 18th, 2009 01:22 am (UTC)
getting up two times in a night is probably the closest I ever get to sleeping all the way through. And i alwasy feel kinda crappy after.

I had the same problem. After I did my Nano (over the summer) I had no ideas either. And I still can't bring myself to edit that story. That's part of why I did the prompt thing. I needed to start writting again.