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Well today wasn't TOO bad.  still no reply from Peter (I wonder if it is because I didn't give it a subject when I sent it, or if it is because I made an ass of myself) We sent the Last (hopefuly) of the stuff to go to the Denver show today.  I did some recounts on invantory. It wasn't much... still have to pick for KOP at the end of the month.  And we still don't have a catalog.  Hopefuly it will be done for KOP...

Anyway, watched King Arthur again last night.  I'll try not to give anythign away. 

The actors rode the same horses throughout the whoel movie,  you could tell by watching but then in the interviews at the end it seemed really important to the actors that they had gotten to ride the same horse for the whole thing.  OK I can through a hatchet (well I haven't in a year or so) and I can ride a horse- but I woulden't do both at the same time. 

There were some things that bugged me about the movie... too much talk about "free will" people didn't really have free will in 464... well I guess Kings and bishops did... but pritty much everyone was beholden to someone.  The other thing was the cross bow.  I don't think the cross bow was invented yet. 

I am curous HOW they decided what knights to use... most of you (all 2 of you that read this) know I like Tristin and Gawian (although I have to say that I've always felt odd about likeing Gawin - after all he killed the Green Knight...) but Tris is such a true Romantic Hero I have always thought that he was the template for Arthur, many of his stories mirror the Arthur... Tris is just so... I wish I had turned into a wren to get to him (past the dragon) and then transformed back to save him.  Anyway... this Tris was - well and truely difrent from that.  But I might just turn into a bird to save this one as well... but I doubt it.  lol