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so we will go with five I guess. 

Today we managed to get both mom and Betsy to the places they needed to be on time.  got to the bank on time


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Dec. 27th, 2008 04:41 pm (UTC)
Good things for 7 days?
Was it good things for 7 days? I think maybe I should do that. I was doing pretty good until the delivery snafu I blogged about plus John (D's husband) messing up Demaris's and my plans for this coming Monday. Now, I feel the need for thinking of positive stuff for a few days in a row. Did you come up with that or was it a meme or something?

Re getting mom & Betsy to places, I take it from that that you guys are still down a car. True? I hope you can settle that soon if that's it. I am constantly amazed how you guys work together to make use of however many cars are working at the time.

You might add that to your list--being able to work this out on a regular basis.

I am more than normally aware of this because my best friend Demaris is married to a man who is totally inflexible when it comes to working out things like that. He is always me-first and simply will not be inconvenienced.

I am glad for you!!!

Dec. 27th, 2008 06:33 pm (UTC)
Re: Good things for 7 days?
It was good things for 8 days. I was tagged by trystan830 (she knew I was not in a good mood becasue I wasn't posting)

yeah as of today we are still down a car, but mom and I looked at one yesterday. a big burgundy sedan. With 4 proper doors. Tom helpped out this time - will both taking me places and the (posably) new car. He found it for us. I think it is because mom and I (for all the crazy sceduling stuff) are pritty flexable - dad isn't but he isn't very sceduled...
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