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more books

since I posted last about books I have read Fool Moon (Book 2 of the Dresden Files) and Living Dead in Dallas (book two of the Sookie Stackhouse Novels)

Fool Moon - I so LOVE the Dresden Books - they are, mostly, police prosedural books, but Harry is a wizard. I love the world Jim Butcher has made - I love these books more then the tv show. I loved Fool Moon - but then again it could have been written *for* me. It hit a lot of things I really love - it even had about a million differnt kinds of werewlves. There were even hexenwolves. Jim totalay rocked it out.

Living Dead in Dallas. I think this is my fav Vampire seires. I can identify with Sookie (even if I would never sleep with a Vampire) it all makes sence in her world (I would *so* date her boss though - even if he is short). I love Eric. He answeres the phone "I am here" (I have been known to answer "So talk") she asks "How do you dress for an Orgy" and he says "I beleve the last time I had on an Animal Skin" Mind you Eric is not the boyfriend. I never really love the boyfriend. Not enough Sam in Living Dead in Dallas.



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Dec. 11th, 2008 03:35 am (UTC)
Have you seen the cast at all for the Sookie Stackhouse bunch on True Blood? I may be biased, since I saw the show before I read the first book, but two of my favorite casting choices are Sam and Eric- Sam just has this amazing puppy-dog quality to him that works perfectly and Eric is awesomely blase and blunt. It also helps that both are fiiiiine.

Although as far as I have heard, I wouldn't know because I haven't gotten to book 2 yet, they did cut WAY back on the Eric/Sookie interaction on the show to focus more heavily on Sookie/Bill. Perhaps they'll touch on it more in season 2- how they ended season 1 indicated that season 2 will pretty much be concurrent with the events of book 2.
Dec. 11th, 2008 12:31 pm (UTC)
No I haven't seen the cast pictures.

I don't think this si a spoiler - but Sam *does* get laid in the second book - to everyones suprise. Mind you I figgure he gets laied pritty regularly (since in the firt book Sookie makes a comment about how many pregnant dogs she takes to the pound that are just hanging around Sam's house)

The Eric/Sookie thing is quite funny. He's just so "OK whatever- I'll have you in the end" in the book but sometimes he gets a little salkerish...
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