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Willand Gaw are mine.  The world they are in isn't... more of the one I posted the other day... don't know why I named the file "flat" but I did.  Sorry about the names... I was just typing and didn't know what to call them...

When Teg gets back to the commonroom Gawain is still sitting on the sofa.  The same place he had been sitting when she left.  Around him is the rest of the team, but everyone else had gone up to the dorms.  Teg supposes, chased would be a better word, afterall the team probably dosen’t want the relationship between William and Gawain to be general knowledge.  Better to leave the rest of the house think she and Gawain are an item.  William hangs behind her, clearly uncomfortable with being in the Griffindor tower.  Gawain doesn’t even look up from his schoolwork as William looks at him.

 “Well?” Teg asks Will.

 “Well what?” he hisses back, “he looks fine.  He’s doing homework.”

 “You are so observant brother.  You need to look a bit closer.”

 “I shouldn’t be here,” he pulls back a bit more.

 “It’s not like we don’t know about you…” Jacob mutters and Kathleen stomps on his foot.  Will looks horror struck. 

 “You told them?” he asks Gawain in a strangled voice.  Gawain finally looks up at his lover.

 “I don’t have time to get into it now,” he snips, “I have to figure this out,” he gestures to the open books and his wand.  The team retreats from around him and Will, Teg follows as they sit down around a table.  She glances over her shoulder at Will and Gawain.

 “Do you think it’ll work?” Jacob asks.

 Kathleen makes an odd noise, “It’s not like it could get much worse.  Between school and the team I think he’s gone around the bend!”

 “Does anyone know what he’s trying to figure out?” OneofthethreeteammebersIhaven’tnamedyet asks.

 “No idea,” Oneoftheothers replies.

 “He’s just been sitting there like that since the end of practice,” Thelastone says in a pained voice.

“Well he has always been so focused,” Teg shrugs.

 “It was that career counseling,” Jacob says darkly, “he hasn’t slept since.  He’s even been keeping me awake!”

 “Do they even see each other anymore?”  Thelastone asks.

 “Not from what I heard when I went to get Will…” Teg sighs.  This isn’t the normal state of things.  William and Gawain should be inseparable, at least when time allows.  But now when time allows Gawain is poring over a book, or forcing them into extra Quiddich practices.  


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Jan. 1st, 2005 01:20 am (UTC)
I'm curious to know what Gaw's so focused on!!

Looking really good so far hon!!
Jan. 1st, 2005 01:43 am (UTC)
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