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So the crazy guy that owns the barn that my horse is at is off his meds.  He has been for some time and is gettign less and less coherant.  today I had my second run in with him since the weekend.  He came to my place of work to have me write a note for my bosses daughter about people riding on his land.  I have too much to do at work right now to be messing around with crazy people and trying to keep them calm.  The fueds between my boss the owner of the farm my horse is at, my bosses daughter and the three groups of hunters that hunt the area arn't my problem.  I shouldn't be in the middle of it.  The worst part is my boss dosen't want his across the street nabor in the w.house.  So I may get in trouble because this ass barged in on me at work!  Why do people always think I can slove anything?

Anyway Dr tomorow at 5... ick.  I'm sure it means anti-boitics and things that will make me hyper and itchy... and then I will end up seing Dr's for months as anti biotics don't work endign with cutting open head AGIAN!

Last time they did sinus surgery on me they discovered that my frountal bones are all pitted because of infection... maybe my face will just  fall off.  That woudl be a nice end for the week!