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Just turned on...

Boogieman 2 (I loved the fries one - even if a lot of it weent into the Supernatrual Pilot) 

And guess who playes "henry" one of the two boogyman kids? 

Young John Winchester. 

Got to chuckle.


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Oct. 26th, 2008 05:33 pm (UTC)
a lot of it weent into the Supernatrual Pilot

Young John Winchester.

Great, now I have to rent both of them. Thnks. ;)
Oct. 26th, 2008 05:45 pm (UTC)
The origanl was written by Kripke and I'm pritty sure the second isn't (although I think he has somesort of credit on it)

I've had a copy of Boogieman since it came out in - I think 1999. If EK had gone with the origanl script for the pilot the Movie would have been a LOT closer to the movie.

I will tell you Timmy (Oh my God I'm an Adult call me Tim!) has a blond girlfreind named Jessica - and I think the showere running in the Supernatraul pilot when Jess was burning was a boogieman refrance (like Eric going 'hehehe lets see if anyone pickes this up')
Oct. 26th, 2008 05:49 pm (UTC)
wait...you have fries?
Oct. 26th, 2008 06:22 pm (UTC)
yeah it was Boogieman, Boogieman with Fries and Boogieman 2

I really need to read before I poke 'post'
Oct. 26th, 2008 06:21 pm (UTC)
You've got to watch those blog entry titles, bodgei. When I was trying to load your entry, LJ said I was heading for an adult site and was I over 14? I said yes, but it didn't believe me the first two times. Took three attempts to load your page.

What kind of thoughts are you thinking about John Winchester. And how do the fries tie in? Usually, it's whipped cream
Oct. 26th, 2008 06:24 pm (UTC)
Re: adult?!?!?

my whole Blog is rated 'adult concepts' so 'over 14' is my default setting. I figure a Sware.

The fries... yeah total typo. Need to read before I post.
Oct. 27th, 2008 03:43 am (UTC)
heheheh awesome!
Oct. 27th, 2008 11:39 am (UTC)
yeah. Also Gabraela form Xena...
Oct. 27th, 2008 01:12 pm (UTC)
ooh cool!
Oct. 27th, 2008 11:10 pm (UTC)
yeah - it was a well cast movie.
Oct. 28th, 2008 01:56 am (UTC)
that's even better...
Oct. 28th, 2008 01:59 am (UTC)
it wasn't all that bad...
Oct. 28th, 2008 02:02 am (UTC)
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