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Name three movies that you enjoy, which are (as far as you know) not well known.
Then tag 6 friends.

DreamKeeper (2003 made for TV - Hallmark I think) a kid is taking his Grandfather to all tribe pow wow.  The grandfather is a stroy teller and so stories are told.  The awesome thing about it is that all the stroies are native - but they have european coralarys.  And Eddy Spears (fans self). 

Dark City (1998) ImDB is acting weird so I can't copy their synopsis - it's kinda like matrix.  Guy wakes up wierd memories and a dead girl and people are chasing him.  It's awesome and creepy.

Improptu  it's about the relationship of George Sands (who was a woman) and Chopein. 

Running on Empty yeah, I know that's 4.  This is the stroy of a family who is on the run becasue of things that happend in the 60's It has River Phenoix and Jed Hersh in it.