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Guest has come.  Cat is locked in my room as she is in heat and is anoiying.  I think I may move my computor there because people are anoiying... Have started lovely story about getting my cloth, to give as a gift to Peter for getting it to me.  Also will start a "housewife" for Richard for sugesting it.  Housewife is like a sewing case for a soldure.  I will not include nedles or pins beacuse I can't get the tipe of pins he would need right now (plus they woudl be expensive) but I may cross stich his initals into it... I may not because I think that may seem weird... well the fact that I woudl be giving him a sewing kit is weird... I'm sudinly feeling very shy and acward...

On another strange note, must drive husbands bags to him after mom gets back from the store.  He left them in the van and needs clean clothes.

I wish I had one day that was just normal.. sigh*