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Dec. 24th, 2004

Well the past few days have been a chore. I have either a sinus infection or an absessed tooth. The only thing is that the tooth that is killing me was rootcanaled about 10 years ago after I blew the filling out of it during a particularly bad sinius infection... so really this can't be a toothache. I don't want to go to the dr because they will put me on antibiotics that won't work and then I will have to be treated forever and eventualy I will wind up in surgery again. I don't want to have a nothter sinus surgery. But then again I don't want the bones in the frount of my head to get involed either... during the last surgery they relized that the frountal bones were also infected and by the time they got it under control the bones ahd started to detreate... I have little pits in the frount bits of my cheekbones...

Basicly I feel like crap and the right side of my face is swolen.. but everyone says you can only tell when I smile.

I made a pecan pie today (my specalty) and other than that did notheing. Now I am going off to bed but first I must wake my cousen up and get her out of my room. I bought a copy of "KIng Arther" today... it's interesting... huge amounts of inacrusiys... but that is OK. I think all movies liek that one miss the point that Arthur isn't just Arthur Cassius... He wasn't moddled after one Arthur or one man... ah well. It's hollywood!