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Got the cloth today but not the bill.  Karla and I sent e-mails to P from work but when I got home mom wnated me to send one to them personaly.. so I did.  I sent it to the info adress at the site so I hope they get it.  It was totaly silly... anyway

Richard B, Richard P and Peter,

I just got the cloth that I ordered home to mom and she LOVES it.  I was afraid she would be disappointed after all the delays but she was so excited she wanted me to write you tonight and tell you how pleased she is.  It is much softer and wider than she had imagined so we should be getting either two petticoats each or a petticoat and a short gown each out of each color.  She wanted to know if you have the same sheet weight material in solid colors?  Also she wanted me to tell you all that we will send photos along after the dresses are made. 


Bodge and Bodge’s Mom.

Happy Ro? I made a first (if tiny) step.  If he responds back cool, if not I'll drop it... (yeah right)