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Dec. 22nd, 2004

My husband came over tonight and we actulay talked for once. It's weird he was doing so well there for a hile and then things kinda fell apart. He's had that flu that is going around.. the one that you get adn then think you are better and then you are sudenly sick again... he went to the DR.s and they put him on anti biotics two days ago and now he seems to be back almost to normal. He even paied both me and Mom back some of the money he borwoed. He's back to temp work... I think while he is starting out with this program he will have to stick to temp work... I wish he had a full time job but what ever gets him by.

Ah well Tomorw I should get to see him again... the last time before x-mass... I have a terable tooth ache I have probably been grinding my teeth again or I have a sinus infection. I don't really feel liek going to the dr and anti boitics don't work well for me...

I made lime and rosmary hair tonic over the weekend and gave it to all the girls at work... they think I shoudld sell it at craft shows... I guess I could. But it seems like such a hastle.