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For those of you how know me well I should warn you that this is going to be one of those eye glazing posts... and if you don't know me why are you reading this?  I'm not very interesting...


Bowl of Wassail:

6 12oz bottles of ale (that would be 72 oz of ale- I don't feel like doing the conversion to mL)

6 c  of dark rum (that be cups... now heres the thing all the songs say "our Wassail is made of the elderberry bough- that would be gin but I've never run across a recipe for Wassail calling for gin and I've never tryed it)

11/3 c sugar

1/4 tsp ginger and some cloves.

Combine in a sausepan and heat until the sugar has melted, sturring occasionaly.  Serve hot with oranges.

OK some edits... Like I said all the songs say gin (and gin is a VERY English drink), Rum is a very colonal drink.   I'm partal to Cider (I'm not a beer dinker) so maybe I should call this my Rev war day Wassail:

2/3- brown drinking beaker of pressed Amish cider.

Fill the rest of beaker with spiced rum from the brown jug by the hearth and add spices to taste (clove and nutmeg for the madicanal values)


Now the word Wassail... I love that word.  It feels good on the tounge.  Wassail.  Anyway I have been told it means "good health" I have also been told it means "be whole".  I like that "be whole".  And I think that enjoying a good wassail every once and a while can help most people "be whole".  I have just recently started drinking again.  In moderation.  In my younger days I used to drink way too much and as a result I spent 12 years in total abstanance.  Now as an adult it seems I can drink when I feel like it with out over indulging.  Cool.  I still don't like beer.  And I also don't like being drunk, at least not very drunk so it seems unlikly that I will ever be much of a dinker again (also cool). 


Happy yule adn Wassail