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Dear Muse

Dear Muse, 

If you want to write soemthing, write it.  Can we not start with the chericter at say 20 and then skip to the chericter being like 35.  If you must make up a good (and sirously flawed) chericter and then kill him - can you not have him do wierd shit and... 


Anyone want to read?  I haven't gotten into the plot yet. 


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Mar. 23rd, 2008 01:59 pm (UTC)
I love haveing her - don't get me wrong... but I started writing on Monday and the woman in the story was about 20 and a profesianl exorcist and the man was a Jesuit Prist pushing 30 - who was a jirk that no one liked.

Mid week she's 35 and he's dead - and has made a few mistakes with her- producing kids - I guess he wasn't the best prist in the Universe - but at least she was an adult right?

By Friday he's inhabiting a new body. She's still 35 and he's about 20. He's gone from 'having some slips' to 'haing stolen someones body - man that's evil'
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