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We may be moving our sheep.  This is one of those things that will take years and years to work out because of museam politics, but anyway.  I want on a tour of the facility on Tuesday.  I asked if there are any problems with dogs in the area (I used to live about a 20 min walk away I know the answer to this question is 'yes') the staff told me 'no'.  Today a rumer gets to my ears that one of my old nabors (back when I lived in that area) lost a calf to a "coyote".  The story as it came to me is this.  The woman who rases these cattle (belted Galways a rare breed) came out in the morning to find a yearling torn up.  Hamstiringed and half in a stream, but not dead.  Coyotes are being blamed.  Lets start off with this, there hasen't been a confermed report of Coytoe in our area in... well not since I've lived here and I moved here in the 70's.  I'm not saying they arn't here- I know they are I've seen them, but they don't hunt livestock (who would after all the whole state feeds cats outside!) they pritty much stick to hunting garbage cans...

2. The yearling was hamstinged and left.  nothing was eaten and the animal wasn't killed.  Wild animals uesuly don't leave pray half dead and drowning... after all if you did all the work don't you want to eat some of it?

3. The area in question has become highly developed.  It used to be quite rural but is now filled with "mc Masions"

The whole situation bugs me because a) the state has been clining to it's 'coyote free' bleife.
b) the farmer is going to be reimbursed (OK this woudln't bug me if the farmer in question was a farmer and not a dupoint.  And if the yearling in question wasn't blind)
c) now people will be able to pop coyotes.

OK let me discuss my concept of pest manigment.  If a Coyote is attacking my sheep, yes I will eliminate said coyote.  If your Lab is attacking my sheep same thing. 

Dogs run livestock.  One dog can kill a flock of sheep in a night and just leave them there.  Some Coy eating garbage is gonna get poped and meanwhile the pet dog who killed the cow will be at home with mommy.  It just ircks me no end.  I've had dogs come for my sheep twice this fall, I know they are dogs coyote only leave one set of tracks not side by side tracks like a dog or wolf... once the owner was presentand didn't try to stop them.  Both times the dogs went for rams so we had fence repair to do but no loss of stock. 

Anyway spay and nuter your pets!   



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Dec. 16th, 2004 07:20 pm (UTC)

Go get 'em!!
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