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He's not really myt type

A Harry Potter Porno (for the girls...)
Favorite Sex Position?
Your Porno Costar: Sirius Black
Filming takes place: In Greenhouse # 4
You Shout out: "I like my wizards like I like my wand, LONG and HARD!"
He likes the: Blowjob Scenes Best
Will the relationship move forward? (8) - Signs point to yes. - (8)
Orgasm Meter - 56%
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I like this one better.. I had to put my last name in cause it kept giving me... well It's to horribale to mention...

Your Harry Potter world of Magic
Your Husband shall be: Remus Lupin
You will reside in: The Shreiking Shack
Your mode of Transportation: Firebolt broom
Wand Type: Pine-10 inches-Werewolf whisker
Special Abilities Morphimagus
Your Magical Profession Auror
This fun quiz by Sharkdiver - Taken 254 Times.
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