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Today was very odd. I went to a meeting about a simposeiom that will be held next Novemeber. The symposiom is about "Agricultral Education and historic farms" it is sposered by the national nature center aminartarators group and the Audabon socitiy... I probably should have known...

Anyway the local nature socity is orginising it and we were there to (it felt like) pat them on the head and say they are doing a good job. Well I don't think they are. They arnt using the local resorcis we have. We are a small state, but still we do have some very improtant local recorces. We shouldn't run to the bigger states if we can provide from amongst ourselves.

One of my old practacl professors was there (he works for the nature socitiy) and he looks so sad... he was always a dreamy whistful sort of farmer... but I don't remember him as sad. I saw the farm he is managing for the socity and got the same feeling of sadness from it. It's a sorrow one gets from places here alot. Places that feel like they have a perpose that isn't being put to use. The land crys. Wolf must feel it too or he woudln't look so sad. The only time he really smiled was when I said I was one of his students and told him what I do and wo I work for. There is tension between the Mill and the nature socitiy, but he seemed plaeased to know that one of his students did something.

The man that sat next to me was terable. His idea of Ag education is having a Beltaine festavle and something at the equinox. Look I want to have these festivals as well but I think we shoudl start with "your food comes from here" his festavles have to do with fairys... farys don't bring you food or fiber... I don't know why this bugs me so much but it does... If I go into museam work full time I'm going to have to deal with this all the time.