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It's just a little more .  I haven't had time to do anything.  Again world: JK Rowling,.  Jaime; Sirius_girl Willa nd Gaw; mine

William wakes stiff and sore.  It is that way often, seizure then tired, headachy, stiff and sore.  That’s not to mention the vision that is still haunting the back of his eyelids.  He starts to snuggle tight against Gawain’s back, when something stops him.  A glint in the darkness. 


“Mum?” he asks quietly, pulling the blankets up higher self-consciously. 


“Yes Darling,” Fay’s voice comes from the darkness.  Another glint as her hair moves in the dim starlight.  She chuckles at his attempts to hide Gawain, “You think I haven’t Seen what you do – what you are?”


“Well I hadn’t thought about it I guess.”


“Well I know what the two of you are to each other,” William feels her hands against his forehead, “You still aren’t feeling well are you?” she asks gently.


“Mum, it’s the middle of the night.  No one feels well in the middle of the night.”   


“You need to stay here and rest today.  I’ll finish your shopping for you.  I feel we shop in the same manner.”


“But I don’t have anything for Gawain,” William is a little embarrassed at the whiny tone in his voice. 


“But you do Darling.  You just don’t know what it is yet,” Fay leans forward to kiss William on the forehead, he sees the glint again, but this time he notices that it is not her hair.  The round mark between her eyebrows is glinting like a gem

. She smiles again and is gone. William turns over in bed curling against Gawain. Gawain sighs and reaches out for William in his sleep.